Welcome to Atlanta.

Home of the ANA 2016 Annual Convention!!!

On behalf of the local convention organizing committee, it is my great pleasure to warmly

welcome all the attendees of the 33rd annual convention organized by the Association of Nepalis in the

Americas (ANA) in the City of Atlanta, aka the Empire City of the South or the Big Peach.

The entire convention organizing team has worked very hard to provide you all with a wide

variety of programs to keep you informed, engaged, and entertained. The various forums and programs

were designed to cater to and to engage participants of all age ranges. I hope you will enjoy the forums

and programs we have offered and get full worth of your precious time that you have chosen to spend

with us, the Atlantans, during this July Fourth Holiday Weekend.

I know you had multitude of choices that you could have selected from to spend your holiday

weekend at and with. On behalf of the entire convention organizing committee, I am very thankful and

grateful to you for choosing to spend this holiday weekend with us at the ANA convention 2016 in

Atlanta. The Atlantans are very excited to be your hosts for this holiday weekend. I can assure you that

we have not left any stone unturned to make your stay with us memorable, enjoyable, and comfortable.

This year’s convention theme of “Connecting Nepali Hearts, Fostering Nepali-Pan” fits very

well into the social narrative of the Nepali diaspora living in Northern America, where judicious effort is

needed from all quarters to unite marginalized factions, mend broken relationships among local,

regional, and national-level Nepalese organizations to keep the Nepali-pan among us alive. Nepali-pan

is our legacy. Because, no matter where we live, we are Nepali first and should always preserve our

Nepali-pan so that we can pass this legacy on to our next generation.

Lastly, a big shout and heartfelt thank you to everyone who worked very cohesively and

diligently spending countless hours volunteering for the convention by sacrificing precious time away

from their own families and friends to make this convention a grand success. Everyone deserves a pat on

their back for a job well done. This convention would not have been possible without the selfless

contributions and sacrifices of the volunteers.

Welcome to ANA Convention 2016, Atlanta, Georgia!!

With Best Regards.

Anup Srivastav, PhD

With Best Regards.

Anup Srivastav, PhD