Nomination CALL for ANA Board positions

Please disregard any Nomination call sent earlier as there were multiple technical problems associated with sender emails. This is the official and final CALL with revised dates.

Dear ALL

Hope you and your family are doing well. Please disregard previous email if you received it because of some kind of technical issue.

On behalf of the ANA Election Committee, I would like to invite you for a “CALL for NOMINATION to serve on the ANA Board” for the term 2020-2023.

If you are interested, please find attached the nomination form with Nomination guidelines on how to file a nomination correctly so that your nomination is valid. Please send your nomination before the deadline for a consideration.

Please pay the correct filing fee in (US Dollar) using the given link (ANA web page filing fee) and print your EReceipt and send to us with your nomination details. Any other forms of payment and later payment are not acceptable.

This Nomination call is available in ANA web page 

which is considered an official call and as a substitute for this email. Please forward this email to anyone interested in case some of the emails are invalid or not current.

Please contact us for any inquiries.

Good luck and regards

Diwakar Dahal, PhD

ANA Election Committee


10th November 2020

CALL for NOMINATION for Association of Nepalese in the Americas (ANA)

Board Term: January 01, 2021 – June 30, 2023 (Two and half years)

ANA Election Committee hereby calls for the nomination to serve in the following positions.

TitlePositionRegionFiling fee
President1 $500
Senior Vice President1 $400
Vice President1Canada$300
Vice President3USA (Eastern, Central and Western)$300
General Secretary1 $300
Joint Secretary1 $300
Treasurer1 $300
Assistant Treasurer1 $300
Communication Director1 $300
Women Coordinator1 $200
Youth Coordinator1 $200
  • 15 Executive members are nominated by the elected board and they are not the part of this nomination.
  • Deadline for Nomination filing:                                 10th – 26th November 2020
  • Withdrawal or Claim/Complaint of Nomination:      27th -29th November 2020
  • In case there are multiple candidates filed for the same position, election shall be conducted by Email on                                                5th and 6th of December 2020
  • Final Election result announcement:                         15th December 2020 (Tuesday)
  • Official Handover ceremony:                                     1st January 2021

Election Commission Contact

Chie Election OfficerMr. Bhakta Thapa, CA[email protected](562)304-8970 
Election OfficerDr. Diwakar Dahal, IL[email protected](573)529-3162
 Mr. Krishna Nirola, MD[email protected](240)731-5246
 Mr. Shyam Sedai, TX[email protected](281)785-2376

Email communication is used to send nomination call to all ANA members and only email response will be considered authentic and valid for the sole purpose of the ANA board election. In case of election contest, only the email communication will be used.

If there is any issue/problem in the email communication to the general member, the election call published in ANA webpage shall be taken as authentic and as a substitute of failed email communication.

Election Guidelines

The Following Election Guidelines must be maintained while filing for a nomination. Any failure to adhere to the guidelines will automatically terminate the nomination.

  1. Interested members can self-nominate to only one position. No multiple nomination and secondary filing required.
  2. Nominee must be a valid member of ANA and should be in the member list provide by ANA president to the Election Commission. This list sent by ANA president is considered final and valid voter list.
  3. The following information about the nominee must be provided:
                    a. Full Name:
                    b. Current mailing address:
                    c. Valid e-mail address:
                    d. Verifiable phone number:
                    e. Receipt to the payment of nomination filing fee in US Dollar (link below)

    f. Executive candidacy shall comply with ANA bylaw Article IV, #2

Without advance payment of nomination filing fee, nomination will NOT be considered. Only electronic payment using official ANA webpage is accepted. No other forms of payment are allowed.

  • A general statement by the nominator that the nominee is eligible for the position.
  • Nomination must be submitted to the following e-mail address.

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Email sent to other address are NOT considered VALID. Any other form/type of nominations (such as phone call, text message) are NOT considered VALID.

  • The Election Nomination Call and the guidelines are also published in the ANA webpage to make it publicly available in case any member failed to receive committee message.


The election commission will NOT entertain any later claim from any member saying that he or she did NOT receive nomination call email from election committee due to error in email address, change of email address or due to any other reasons.

Nomination Call and the Guidelines published in ANA web page is considered OFFICIAL PROOF and AUTHENTIC that every member has received the information. We encourage everyone who received this email shall help forwarding the message to anyone who might be interested in serving ANA board.